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Nachhaltiges Reisen
© visitBerlin, Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen

Public Wi-Fi Berlin

Wireless internet for everyone

Berlin considers itself to be a modern, cosmopolitan city. That’s why free, open internet access is offered as a matter of course. Berliners and tourists have easy and unlimited access to the net from more than 650 wireless hotspots throughout the city. 2.8 million monthly users are already taking advantage of the service, distributed across the entire city.

Regardless of whether it’s the Brandenburg Gate, the TV tower, Friedrichstadtpalast or Spandau’s citadel: at most sights it takes just a few clicks to access secure, reliable internet – and without having to enter any sensitive personal data.

Free wireless internet is also available in Berlin’s town halls, council offices, museums, schools, libraries and at the FEZ – in roughly equal proportions in the inner and outer areas of the city. Hotspots are signposted so that users can quickly identify the service offered.

City supports Freifunk

The city of Berlin also supports the Freifunk initiative, which was founded by Berlin citizens and also provides free of charge, public wireless internet for everyone. The Freifunk network now maintains more than 1000 public access wireless hotspots in Berlin, including at the Technical Museum and on Museum Island.

Freifunk is based on the underlying idea that several neighbours can join their wireless routers together and thus create a local network connecting to the internet that can be used by many other users as a basic service. A simple idea based on solidarity.

Further public hotspots in Berlin

In addition to the city of Berlin and the Freifunk initiative, there is an array of further ways to use public wireless internet. For example, Deutsche Bahn offers free internet access at their train stations, the BVG maintains wireless hotspots at most U-Bahn (metro) stations and you can also use this service in many Evangelical churches.

You can find more information about this here.