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Prime Time Theater

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Soap opera on stage instead of on the telly: Gutes Wedding Schlechtes Wedding puts the spotlight on typical Berlin and its inhabitants with a bit of biting satire.


Prime Time Theater puts the "real Berlin" on stage for all to see. The stage sitcom Gutes Wedding Schlechtes Wedding has proved to be a hit far beyond Berlin's city limits. "Wedding" being the Berlin district and not the event where people get married. 

Gutes Wedding Schlechtes Wedding

The first and only soap opera performed live on stage. Just like Eastenders, Neighbours, or Days of our Lives, Gutes Wedding Schlechtes Wedding is episodic, with each episode only running for 3 weeks before scribe Constanze Behrends-Tautorat puts out the next episode. (After all, there's no DVR for live theatre, so you have to give all the punters a chance to catch the latest episode before moving on.)
Full of satire, the stage soap opera  pokes fun of the city's typical inhabitants: from people from Prenzlauer Berg sipping lattes and pretending to be from Stuttgart to mullet-wearing punk wanna-be's, every stereotype imaginable takes the stage and takes audiences on some truly outrageous adventures.
Even if you're first time there, as with any soap opera, you can usually dive in and follow what's going on within just a few minutes. After all, there's a recap of recent events at the start of each performance so that you can catch up. 

From 35 folding chairs to a smash hit

Gutes Wedding Schlechtes Wedding celebrated its 100th episode in the summer of 2015. The tiny theatre got its start back in 2003 in Wedding, but the theatre's funny and original concept quickly earned its reputation as people flocked to the theatre and spread the word. Prime Time Theater has since expanded to an auditorium with 230 seats.