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Prime Time Theater
Prime Time Theater, Foto: Carlo Fernades

Prime Time Theater

Contemporary popular theatre

The Prime Time Theater puts on popular theatre for Berlin, with a keen ear for the typical dialect of Berlin, which the audience picks up on the side. The theatrical sitcom "Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding" is well-known far beyond Berlin's city limits.


Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding

The Prime Time Theater is Berlin's northernmost adult theatre, the only one in the "upper half" of the city. It is known for its long-running and cult theatre sitcom "Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding", which now counts more than 100 episodes and will even make it to the big screen in 2020. The soap opera, with its abundance of Berlin clichés and whose storyline is centred around the Berlin district of Wedding, parodies TV series, bringing stereotypical Berliners into play.

Neighbourhood speak on the stage  

But the team also brings other plays to the stage in a witty, charming way along with the unique grammar of Berlin's "neighbourhood speak". A great deal of laughter is guaranteed.

Director Oliver Tautorat, in his signature role as moustache- and mullet-wearing postman "Kalle", likes to invite the guests to practice the most important lesson: "Who or what do I like? MYSELF!"

From 35 folding chairs to a successful stage

In summer 2015 "Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding" celebrated its 100th episode. It all started in 2003 in a tiny theatre in Wedding with just 35 folding chairs. But in the city word quickly spread of the original idea and the witty realisation. People flocked to the theatre and the word spread.

The Prime Time Theater, meanwhile, has a theatre hall with 230 seats and remains neighbourly and close by. Founder Oliver Tautorat welcomes the audience with a handshake, and the crew look forward to talking to the guests after the performance.  

In the foyer, the RAZ Café offers tasty food and drinks for your refreshment: from popcorn to tarte flambée, tea and cocktails.

Innovative ideas

In the "Corona Year" 2020, the Prime Time Theater is launching various innovative projects: "Miss Wedding Undercover" will be performed open-air at the nearby Plötzensee lido. Earlier episodes of the sitcom "Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding" will be shown in theaters. In the fall, the team brings "Keine Zeit für Piccolo," the first sitcom episode made directly for the big screen, to all Cineplex cinemas in Berlin and Brandenburg. A unique cooperation between the two cultural institutions, theater and cinema, which have been battered by the pandemic!