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Prime Time Theater Berlin, Entrance
Prime Time Theater Berlin, Entrance © Raphael Howein

Prime Time Theater

Contemporary popular theatre

The Prime Time Theater puts on popular theatre for Berlin, with a keen ear for the typical dialect of Berlin, which the audience picks up on the side. The theatrical sitcom "Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding" is well-known far beyond Berlin's city limits.

Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding

The Prime Time Theatre is Berlin's northernmost adult theatre, the only one in the "upper half" of the city. The Berlin cult theatre is known for its long-running hit Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding. The unique theatre sitcom has been running since 2004, has already made it onto television, into the podcast charts and in 2020, with the Bond parody No Time for Piccolo, even into the cinema.

The soap opera is set in the Berlin district of Wedding and the mentality of the people in the neighbourhood plays a major role: the similarities, but also the "clash" with other Berliners (and non-Berliners) are virtually celebrated. There are, for example, the now legendary "Prenzlwichser", the Spandauer Abspaltungsvertreter or the Friedrichshainis, but also visitors and newcomers such as the Rhineland pub owner or the uckermärkische Landei.

Neighbourhood speak on the stage  

The team also puts on other plays in a witty and charming way. These are often based on well-known plots from the silver screen, the television screen or even classic literature. Strained laugh muscles are guaranteed. Unique grammar and a Berlin "Kiezschnauze" always contribute to this. 

In his parade role as the moustache- and mullet-wearing postman "Kalle", artistic director Oliver Tautorat likes to ask the guests to practise the most important lesson: "Who or what do I like? MYSELF!"

Prime Time Theatre in Berlin
Prime Time Theatre in Berlin © Raphael Howein

From 35 folding chairs to a successful stage

It all began in 2003 in a tiny theatre in Wedding with only 35 folding chairs. But word quickly got around in the city about the original idea and the witty realisation. In the meantime, the Prime Time Theatre has a theatre hall with 230 seats and a new, certified ventilation system. It is important to the Prime Time Theatre team to be neighbourly and approachable. Founder Oliver Tautorat greets the audience with a handshake and the crew looks forward to chatting with guests after the performance.  

In the foyer, the RAZ Café offers delicious food and drinks for refreshment: from tarte flambée to popcorn, from cappuccino to cocktail.