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Theatre group Gorillas in Berlin
Theatre group Gorillas © Iris Janke

Die Gorillas - Improvisationstheater in Berlin

Audience-driven theatre

Be creative and determine what happens on stage. The Gorillas offer fast-paced improvisational theatre driven by audience demand.


Playing without a playbook. The Gorillas create their pieces in the moment in response to audience suggestions and demands. Improvisational theatre at its best, always new, always spontaneous. A fast-paced spectacle of scenes, songs, and stories where the audience decides what happens next.

The Gorillas: a success story

The high art of improv is what drives the Berlin theatre ensemble The Gorillas. Ten actors and two musicians joined forces in 1997 and have since delighted their audiences with spontaneous shows that are devised with the help of the audience at every performance.

The repertoire

Over the years, the Gorillas have developed other formats in addition to the classic improv. Saturdays is cucumber or banana in the Ratibor-Theater. In this cult show, three directors put their actors in head-to-head competition. In The Big 7 , audiences mercilessly pick favourites from the various characters during the first act and then they become the protagonists of an epic stage event in the second act. And in the improv show Ick & Berlin , the audience determines what happens with its answers to such questions as Berlin's nicest U-Bahn station, favourite neighbourhood, or Berlin clichés.
Every spring, improv artists come from all over the world to Berlin for the IMPRO festival. The first German improv championships were held in autumn 2009. Numerous projects of the troupe go beyond the normal stage programme, including an improv school with individual or group seminars and various courses. The improvisational theatre of the Gorillas can be experienced regularly on various stages across the city. The ensemble's main stage is the Ratibor-Theater in Kreuzberg.

Information for school groups

For elementary and secondary school students, the Gorillas offer special shows for students that are adapted to their respective age levels. Acting exercises can also be arranged with members of the ensemble.