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Second Hand Shopping: Pauls Boutique
Second Hand Shopping: Pauls Boutique © Foto: Nady El-Tounsy

Paul’s Boutique

Chucks and Jeans and Second Hand

In principle, the founders of Paul's Boutique have made their own passion for collecting into their profession. The second hand shop, named after the Beastie Boy album, has shelves crammed with Converse Chucks, Levis and other cool brands, including Fred Perry, Stüssy and Irie Daily. In between are toy robots and Star Wars collectibles. These are not for sale, but they add to the coolness of the crowded store. It's best to bring along a lot of time to search everything thoroughly. The concept of Paul's Boutique proved to be so successful that the team now has a few more shops on the starting line, each with a slightly different focus.

  • The Goo at Oderberger Straße 45 has suits and designer clothes from Alexander McQueen, Dior, Chanel, YSL and others.
  • A guitar repair shop is attached to the shop named after the street at Torstrasse 70 & 76.