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Postkarte aus dem Papierwerkstatt Friedrichshagen
Postkarte aus dem Papierwerkstatt Friedrichshagen © visitBerlin, Foto: Eveline Klink/ideenmanufaktur

Paper workshop Friedrichshagen

Craftsmanship from bookbinding to repairs

At Papierwerkstatt Friedrichshagen, everything is about books. From binding and embossing to repairing old books, the small manufactory has a wide array to offer. Those interested can also learn the art of bookbinding here themselves.

The bookbinder and master typesetter Frauke Grenz founded Papierwerkstatt Friedrichshagen in 2010 and has been working together with master bookbinder Julia Flögel since 2013. Together they offer a wealth of expertise and have already restored a number of valuable historical books with tender affection. 

In addition, they both have many years of educational experience. This experience will be integrated into the courses they offer: In addition to individual courses where you can try your hand at bookbinding yourself, exciting holiday courses are also on offer, as well as other courses for children and schools. A stationery shop with selected, particularly beautiful paper goods rounds off the range offered by Papierwerkstatt Friedrichshagen.