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The beautiful bottles of Dolle Molle in Friedrichshagen
The Dolle Molle in Friedrichshagen © visitBerlin, Foto: Eveline Klink/ideenmanufaktur

Dolle Molle

Craft beer meets Friedrichshagen brewing tradition

The art of brewing beer is traditionally part of the popular excursion destination Friedrichshagen at Müggelsee. The Dolle Molle craft beer brewery, which offers freshly tapped beer specialities in the Ratskeller Friedrichshagen, is building on this tradition.

Bölschestraße in Friedrichshagen runs from the S-Bahn station to Müggelsee and has a long tradition of brewing beer. The Friedrichshagen founders of Dolle Molle are keen to maintain this and, after a few years, are now bringing their own beer back to the location. 

There are now four varieties in the Ratskeller, the brewery's headquarters: the fine Kupfersamt, the tart and spicy Sonnenhell Pilsner, the stronger Bärenstark Bockbier and the malty and caramel Zappenduster Schwarzbier. Beers for out-of-home sales are available in attractive one-litre glass bottles or two-litre jugs, which can be refilled at the Ratskeller. 

Along with the Dolle Molle, the Ratskeller in Bölschestraße serves hearty classics from German and Berlin cuisine.

A young woman in the cellar of the Friedrichshagen brewery
Refreshing Dolle Molle beer in the Ratkeller of the Friedrichshagen brewery © visitBerlin, Foto: Eveline Klink/ideenmanufaktur