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Restaurant Oukan in Berlin
Restaurant Oukan in Berlin © Nils Hasenau / Oukan

Oukan Dining

Vegan, Japanese cuisine

At Oukan you can enjoy vegan dishes inspired by the centuries-old Shōjin Ryōri tradition, Japanese Buddhist temple food, with a very special Berlin touch, of course. The vegan dishes are prepared with seasonal and regional products and care is taken to use mainly certified organic products. Teas from all over Asia are the perfect complement. In addition to the obligatory wine accompaniment to the menu, Oukan also offers the option of a tea accompaniment.  The level-headedness of the sustainable and healthy cooking is also reflected in the minimalist décor. In their special appreciation of food, the dishes at Oukan have an aesthetic all their own. The philosophy focuses not only on the ingredients, but also on their effect on the body.