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Nordbahnhof Park

Nature meets vibrant history

The Nordbahnhof Park is an exciting example of modern park design, providing ample space for urban nature to develop while at the same time offering green spaces to relax in and play on.

The unique atmosphere of the park is characterised by a 1.4 hectare (3 acre) meadow area, a birch wood and a beautiful view of the city in silhouette. The park stretches like a spread-out sail over nearly one kilometre from Invalidenstraße to Schwindsuchtbrücke, thus connecting the area around Ackerstraße in the former eastern part of the city with the area around Schwartzkopffstraße in the old West Berlin. In this manner, the wound inflicted on Berlin by the Wall is healed by 5.5 hectares (13 acres) of tangible urban nature that has developed here in the last 20 years. The Nordbahnhof Park is an area steeped in tradition defined by three layers of history. The former border installations of the Berlin Wall are to be found alongside the remains of the railway installations of the old Stettin Railway Station (a hub of activity in pre-war times), and – as the youngest layer – an urban wasteland, which is being reclaimed by a rapidly growing nature.

History and nature in the same place are waiting not only to be discovered but protected as well. The park is protected by fences and is entered via gates – just as in the classic garden designs. Behind these narrow, channel-like entrances lies a kind of “lost world”. And you don’t need to miss out on leisure activities or relaxation either: sunbathing areas in the form of trapezes and a large streetball pitch on the western side of the old hinterland wall offers plenty of space not only for taking it easy but also running riot.

Opening hours

Daily 6:00 – 22:00
Opening hours (additional information)
daily 6a.m. - 10p.m.