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Mount Mitte
© Mount Mitte

MountMitte high rope course

Conquer famous mountains in the Mitte district of Berlin

This facility offers six courses named after legendary mountains such as the Matterhorn, the Zugspitze, and Kilimanjaro. The high rope course in Mitte offers nearly 90 exciting climbing exercises ranging from three to 15 metres high. Kids aged seven and over (and at least 1.30m tall) will love it! Junior Messners can climb and hang in safety for two hours in the Mitte district of Berlin.

A beautiful view and unusual challenges

While parents will be enchanted by the sublime view of Berlin landmarks such as the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) on Alexanderplatz, children will be engaged by usual challenges that you'd never expect. These include punching bags, which make it harder to cross the rickety hanging bridge, a surfboard, to ride through the heights, and even a safari Trabant, dangling at eye-level in the lofty heights. All this fun costs €14 for children (up to age 13), €17 for teenagers (up to age 17), and €19 for adults.