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visitBerlin - CSD 2015
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Help and advice after homophobic attacks

Despite all the freedoms that lesbians and gays enjoy in Berlin, acceptance of sexual diversity is not always a matter of course. Homophobia and incidents of hate violence are the dark side of otherwise open coexistence. The Maneo gay emergency hotline, a project by the Mann-O-Meter association, was set up back in 1990. The focus of its work is always on empowerment, as well as aid for victims. The first lesbian and gay city festival, which was held in 1993, had its roots in an anti-violence campaign by Maneo. The more recent activities of the association include the yearly bestowal of the Tolerantia Award and the "kiss kiss berlin" campaign in collaboration with local parties. In addition, the project also set up a rainbow bridge between Berlin and Tel Aviv after the attack on a youth centre there. Gay people still need a competent contact person in emergency situations. Maneo still wants to provide this service. Anti-

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday 12:00 – 19:00
Sunday 15:00 – 18:00