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The Löwenpalais

A stately residence

The historic walls of the Löwenpalais continue to make history hosting galas, weddings, and corporate events.

The Löwenpalais is an impressive manor house designed by architect Hans Sehring in 1903 for the royal sommelier Habel and his family.  Magnificent and elegant, the property is located in the Grunewald district and has features a large, well-manicured garden. The house was divided into luxurious flats during the 1930s, providing a home to several well-known actors and scientists of the period.

Fine location in Grunewald

The historic walls of the Löwenpalais continue to make history corporate events, exhibitions, galas, and other festive occasions. The professional organisers at Löwenpalais realise the ideas and wishes of their guests and make recommendations for improving the organisation of the event. For decades, the premises have been shaped by its inhabitants, including several artists. The walls continue to adorn the walls of the house, lending the space a rather artsy ambience.

Special celebrations

The three ballrooms are perfect for special occasions. They are equipped with wooden floors and are especially warm and welcoming thanks to their large windows. The Löwenpalais Lounge has a grand piano and comfortable sofas and chairs, providing a relaxing spot to chat over a few drinks and listen to the piano player. Depending on the event, the Löwenpalais can host between 170 and 400 guests.

On request, the Löwenpalais will be glad to recommends catering companies that become its trusted partners over the years.

Starke Foundation Exhibitions

In 1987, Jörg Peter Starke founded the Starke Foundation after the death of his father, Peter, who had bought the Löwenpalais in 1969. His son then realised the plans that were created during his father's time by converting the apartments into artists' studios where they are free to be creative. The foundation's first exhibitions made the Löwenpalais a popular venue for artists and the art-loving public. 

Idyllic outdoors

This manor house in Grunewald also scores with its beautifully landscaped garden. Balinese pagodas offer seating in a garden surrounded by magnolia trees, lush lawns, and stone sculptures. The mood lighting on the terrace also helps to make it a perfect spot for a little chat.