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KungerKiezTheater Berlin, Performance
KungerKiezTheater Berlin, Performance © KungerKiezTheater

The KungerKiezTheater

Creative off-theatre in the neighbourhood

Walk right in! The first floor of Park Center Treptow is hiding a small jewel in a shop in the midst of other shops: Around 60 children, youths and adults can take their seats in the rostrum of the KungerKiezTheatre and experience vibrant neighbourhood theatre.

Free theatre - the way you want it

“We urgently need more people for our musical project, mainly a few strong voices in choir singing. And those who want to dance, please join us in the Monday rehearsals as well.”

An unusual request on the theatre's website?
Not at the KungerKiez in old Treptow: A piece of neighbourhood culture has developed from the heart of the neighbourhood, very close to the people, and has formed itself into a collective community theatre: 
Professionals from the theatre scene as well as amateurs find a creative home, based on the maxim: All of them are good just as they are!


KungerKiezTheatre Berlin, Bar
KungerKiezTheatre Berlin, Bar © KungerKiezTheater

A bold philosophy

In one of Berlin's lively districts professional and non-professional artists come for a variety of reasons: Some want to give it a try, others want to use their leisure time, and some others simply want to come together and be creative. 
Everybody is united by the leitmotif: We are equal, we work in great solidarity and - everybody is welcome! 

Performances from the heart of the neighbourhood

What kind of theatre are you experiencing here? Be it kindergarten children sitting in the stands or adults in their seats: Everybody has something to take back home from here. The theatre shows relevant and common interpersonal conflicts that move and shake people up.

KungerKiezTheater Berlin, Actress
KungerKiezTheater Berlin, Actress © KungerKiezTheater

Works of local authors from the neighbourhood and classics are also performed here. Development of a production is a bit like a sailing ship that is setting out for unknown shores: An initial idea often develops into something quite different from what was expected due to the different personalities of the theatre team. The focus here is on the development of the individual.

Your visit

You can easily reach the KungerKiezTheater on the upper floor of the Park Center Treptow by public transport:
Bus 165, Elsenstraße/Treptower Park, Bus M43,194, Beermannstraße
Tickets are available at the advance booking points in Bouchéstraße. There are group discounts available.