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Family trip to the theatre
Family trip to the theatre © Getty Images, Foto: Image Studios


Altersgerechtes Kino für kleines Geld

Since 1986, Theo Tintentatze, the children's cinema lion has been inviting children and young people ages 5to 18 to a world filled with excitement, fun and adventure. Since it began, this Youth Cultural Service has operated as "a cinema near you", which is always on the lookout for visitors, young and old. This means the ticket prices are reasonable and the films exciting, but also very acceptable from an educational point of view. Especially popular is the Children's Film of the Month, a film suitable for elementary schoolchildren, which tours different Berlin cinemas for a month. For information on the current venue, see the Kinderkinobüro website. "Hands Off Mississippi", "Tom Sawyer" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" were among the films shown as the children's film of the month.

Films for toddlers

Specially for the smallest film buffs, the Spatzenkino is aimed at a pre-school audience. As with the children's film of the month, there is a touring film programme that usually consists of cute cartoon films, shown at various cinemas in Berlin, with the screenings usually held in the morning. The venues are also listed on the website.