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Hertha BSC
Hertha BSC © Camera4

Hertha BSC

From the “Plumpe” into the Olympic Stadium

Ha-Ho-He, Hertha BSC”—when this call resounds throughout the Westend, then, the Berliner Bundesliger team is playing in the Olympic Stadium. Founded in the year of 1892, the club history has resembled a rollercoaster ride ever since. To be sure, the club was the German title winner of 1930 and 1931, and yet it holds: whoever is a Hertha fan, knows what suffering means—the 2009/10 season, in which the last year’s fourth 1. Liga team just sensationally crashed, is a good example for it. To the delight of the fans, their club is back in the premier league.

Before the Hertha moved into the Olympic Stadium for the 1. Liga season of 1963/64, the club carried on its home games at the “Plumpe”, the (at that time) well-known Stadium at the Gesundbrunnen in Wedding, which in the meantime has been torn-down. In the years of 1986 to 1988, during the Berliner Amateur Oberliga as well as for many home games of the 2. Liga season of 1988/89, the Hertha, due to lacking spectator interest, retreated into the Post Stadium. In the club, other kinds of sports besides soccer such as boxing, bowling and table tennis are also played.