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Eisbären Berlin
Eisbären Berlin © Camera4

Eisbären Berlin

From the corrugated iron palace in the Uber Arena

Nine times German ice hockey champion. That's a record to be proud of. The success story of the Eisbären Berlin continues.

The Berlin Eisbären (Ice Bears) are the top team of the German Ice Hockey Liga. Nine Championship titles and one Pokal Cup win in the past years — that is a true success story. The athletic roots go back to the 15-time DDR-Meister SC Dynamo Berlin. On the ice it is often very rough, body checks and jousting are a part of it. The rather crude fan songs are also nothing for highly sensitive natures.

Yet, after the game’s end and both the teams shake hands, everything is forgotten again. The so-called corrugated iron palace in Hohenschönhausen, Europe’s state of the art entertainment arena, was in 2008 handed over to the Eisbären as the home playing ground by the Uber Arena. Ever since, up to 14,500 spectators can follow a match on the large frozen rink. The Eisbären are famous for their attractive, offensive game—it brings the mood to a boil and guarantees excitement. After the game, the celebrating is continued—in the Fan Bar with view onto the playing rink.