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Haus für Poesie (House for Poetry) Berlin
Haus für Poesie (House for Poetry) Berlin © Foto: Tina Brüser

Haus für Poesie

Workshop for literature

May we perform a poem for you? Listen to poetry at the Haus für Poesie.

Berlin's poetry and literary scene has found a home behind the red brick walls of the KulturBrauerei, a former brewery in Prenzlauer Berg. The Haus für Poesie, the former Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, is place for writing and other creative arts. Contemporary poetry and writing, often in conjunction with other arts such as music and film. The finished verses are then presented at some 150 events a year. Come to experience poetry in its original form as spoken word.

Open mike at the Haus für Poesie

Budding writers have the chance to present their work to an audience at the Haus für Poesie. The Open Mike competition is the most important literary contest in Germany outside the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize, but this one is directed exclusively at the next generation. And that has always been a part of the concept: discovering and promoting literary talents. This is a place not just to admire the established stars of the literary scene, but also to discover writers who have (not yet) had their big break.

The programming makes the house an important stage for contemporary literature. In addition to the Open Mike Competition, the Haus für Poesie also offers other regular events:

  • the Poetry Festival
  • the Poetry Film Festival ZEBRA (every two years)

and the monthly program.

Since it was founded in 1991, the Haus für Poesie (respectively Literaturwerkstatt) has recorded almost all of its events, including readings, discussions, and conversations with the authors. Thanks to this initiative, the Literaturwerkstatt now has an extensive collection of sound recordings that can be accessed online under "Conversation of the month".

Like a poet

They say each of us has a writer inside! The Haus für Poesie regularly organises poetry workshops for children, teachers, and aspiring poets of all ages. And who knows, maybe you'll even take the stage some night and perform your poem before the open mike audience.