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Halle Tanzbühne
© HALLE / cie. toula limnaios GmbH, Foto: cyan

Halle Tanzbühne Berlin

Dance in the world of dreams

A brick building from the past is home to contemporary dance in Berlin, performed by the award-winning company cie. toula limnaios.

A charming brick building hidden in a rear courtyard is now HALLE Tanzbühne Berlin. It is the home of dance company cie. toula limnaios.

Cie. toula limnaios

cie. toula limnaios is an ensemble for contemporary dance and was founded in 1996 by choreographer and performer Toula Limnaios and composer Ralf R. Ollertz. It has been performing at HALLE Tanzbühne Berlin since 2003. The extensive repertoire of the multiple-award-winning ensemble now includes more than 30 full-length works. It is one of Berlin's most successful contemporary dance ensembles. Since 2005, the company has also toured for months at a time as a representative of the German dance scene for the Goethe-Institut and the German Foreign Office.

cie. toula limnaios is the only dance company in Berlin besides that of Sasha Waltz' which has dancers employed on a full-time basis. This allows it not only to plan its own productions, but also to programme an entire year's calendar of events and keep older successes in the active repertoire. The calendar includes two new productions each year, one a piece for the entire ensemble and another, smaller experimental chamber piece.

The Building

This brick building in the Kastanienhof is more than 100 years old and was once a police station, lending it a historic charm that is now full of activity throughout. HALLE Tanzbühne Berlin is not only home to cie. toula limnaios, but also offer rehearsal space for international artists developing and eventually performing their own pieces in the hall. Especially the combination of rehearsal space and multi-purpose stage provides the perfect setting for the design and performance of dance pieces. In addition, cie. toula limnaios is involved in co-productions at home and abroad.