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Green Bike Tours
© Green Bike Tours, Foto: Helene Hjortlund

Green Bike Tours

Bike tour in Berlin's sustainable future

Sustainable ideas and urban concepts, green roofs and energy efficiency. A bike tour in Berlin's climate-neutral future.

By 2050 Berlin is to become climate neutral. You can find out how this can work on the guided bike tour on the topic of "Sustainable Berlin of the Future". Discover Berlin's green side, learn more about sustainable architecture and get to know the city's parks and gardens as well as energy-efficient buildings. There is also an excursion on Berlin's green roofs. The tour ends at Tempelhofer Feld, perfect for a picnic or a visit to the Luftgarten beer garden.

Green Bike Tours
© Green Bike Tours

If you would like to know how you can reduce your own carbon footprint during a sustainable visit to Berlin, the bike tour on the topic of "The Sustainable City and You" will provide you with plenty of inspiration. The biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions such as air traffic, food and food waste, fashion, car traffic and energy supply will be addressed. Learn what you can do to reduce emissions and discover places off the beaten track in Berlin.

You can also get real insider tips on the two-hour city walk through Neukölln. Discover exciting social and ecological initiatives, as well as shops and boutiques with sustainable concepts.

You should allow three to three and a half hours for the guided bike tours. The walk through Neukölln takes about two hours.