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Gardens of the World/ IGA Berlin 2017. In the background: Marzahn
Gardens of the World/ IGA Berlin 2017 © Foto: Werner Haberecht

Gardens of the world Berlin

Where the IGA Berlin 2017 takes place

A cherry blossom festival and a tea ceremony in the middle of a sea of flowers: the 40-hectare Gärten der Welt are a perfect place to relax and enjoy the wonderful gardens

A Korean tea ceremony, a Japanese cherry blossom festival, and beautiful gardens and flowers from Europe and all over the world. Welcome to the Gärten der Welt! Take a walk through the Chinese Garden of the Regained Moon to the tropical flora of Bali: an oasis in the middle of Marzahn.

Discovering culture through gardens

Erholungspark Marzahn is a large public park better known today as the Gärten der Welt , or Gardens of the World. It was opened in 1987 for Berlin’s 750th anniversary in what was still a divided city. Gradually the project came to include the Japanese, Balinese, Oriental, Korean and Christian gardens, as well as the Italian Renaissance garden and the Garden of the Regained Moon, which is Germany’s largest Chinese garden and symbolises the reunification of the city of Berlin. This is because according to ancient Chinese lore, the moon stands for perfect harmony and unity in the world. The plants in the Karl Foerster Shrub Garden bloom all year round. If fascinating plants, water features and temples are not enough, take a walk through the maze in the Gärten der Welt.


Events at the Gärten der Welt

The Gärten der Welt are not just a place for beautiful garden designs. As well as enjoying a pleasant stroll you can also take a gastronomic journey, for example at a tea ceremony in a perfectly replicated Chinese, Japanese or Korean tea house. For weddings and other events, you can hire the reception room in the Oriental Garden or the stone boat in the Chinese garden.

The Gärten der Welt are the venue for many other events throughout the year, including the cherry blossom festival in spring, the Chinese moon festival with sparkling lamps in late summer, and Viva la Musica with concerts and fireworks. The backdrop couldn’t be more beautiful. The park staff offer guided tours of the gardens for botanical and cultural enthusiasts.

The IGA Berlin 2017 international garden show

The IGA Berlin 2017 garden show means that the area devoted to garden design will be doubling in size to more than 40 hectares. The 186-day garden festival not only takes in the Gärten der Welt, but also the area around them on the neighbouring Kienberg and Wuhletal. From April to October 2017, the IGA will be dedicated to the future of urban green spaces, and you will be able to view the entire sea of blossom from a cable car.

As part of the IGA, a new English garden is opening – the tenth themed garden at the Gärten der Welt. Also, the Balinese Garden of the Three Harmonies is being converted to an energy-efficient tropical greenhouse – a new attraction for tourists and Berliners, especially in the winter months. The 40-metre long, 50-metre wide and 15-metre high greenhouse is also interesting from a technical point of view, because it has no heaters. The entire steel structure has water at 45°C flowing though it, maintaining a tropical 24 degrees all year round. The Balinese community in Berlin will be able to hold their ceremonies there, which means that every two weeks, you can enjoy a parade with musical accompaniment.

Landscape architects from five continents will be designing show gardens for the IGA Berlin 2017, representing the whole range of contemporary international garden design. Each of the plots – situated right behind the visitors’ centre on Blumenberger Damm – covers around 400 square metres and they are connected to each other.

Barrier-free access to the Gärten der Welt

The Gärten der Welt offer a free assistance service for people with impaired visibility or mobility. Wheelchairs can be hired free of charge and toilets are barrier-free.

The Gärten der Welt were the first park in Germany to be awarded the Reisen für Alle certificate in the Parks and Gardens category for the marketing of barrier-free services.

Information for schools

The Gärten der Welt offer guided tours tailored to all school ages. For 90 minutes, pupils can explore various aspects of the garden, with a quiz sheet on request.

The Wuhletal

Wuhletal with the Gärten der Welt has always been the longest green space in Berlin – it’s 20 kilometres long! Enjoy the well-kept walking paths, past orchards and lakes and up to the densely planted Kienberg.
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