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Friedrichstadt-Palast © Friedrichstadt-Palast


FALLING | IN LOVE is ravishing beauty. Plunge into a surging sea of colours and emotions - curated by Parisian star designer Jean Paul GAULTIER. Berlin's shining show jewel with the indescribable magic of 100 million Swarovski crystals. A new world record. The crowning glory of this crystal frenzy on the world's largest theatre stage is the largest Swarovski crystal in the world.

Experience the most sparkling Grand Show of all time!

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Grand Show . Grand Emotions .

Who are You? You is young, full of passion and longing. In Diamond City, he doesn't fit into any mould. He finds no love in the petrified faces around him. Without hope, You wishes he could just sink into the ground. Then the tarmac shatters beneath his feet - and You plunges into another reality.

Down there, in the sunken garden of love, he sees what he has never seen before. The eternal human dream of a better world is alive. But walled in under traditional norms, it has lost all its colourful splendour.

Will a young, deaf poet finally find the words to make beauty and love blossom again in all their colours?

FALLING | IN LOVE is a blossoming fantasy. As dreamlike as it could be true. For the New York Times, the Grand Shows at the Palast are an absolute "must-see"! With over 100 artists from 28 nations on the biggest stage in the world, it's beautiful to fall in love with.

  • Revue shows are not musicals. The inner context is primarily based on a visual, not textual, narrative style.
  • Suitable for guests without knowledge of German
  • Duration approx. 2.5 hours incl. 30-minute break

Tickets from € 19,80

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Flexibility and security for your show visit 

As a state theatre, the Palast gives its guests a triple feel-good promise:

1. 100% money-back guarantee: If you cancel your performance, you can rest assured that you will automatically get your money back within three weeks without having to apply, as we do not have recourse to the statutory voucher redemption option.
2. Free rebooking: If something comes up, your ticket purchased at the Palast can be rebooked for another date or exchanged for a voucher up to two hours before the start of the performance. Does not apply to tickets from third-party providers.

3. Fresh Berlin air: Our state-of-the-art ventilation system was built in 2020: Whether flu, Covid19 or other respiratory diseases, according to TÜV and DTHG (German Theatre Association), the risk of infection is minimal even when the theatre is full. 

This free triple guarantee is unique in the world for a theatre and applies to tickets purchased from the Palast.


Frida & Frida Young Show

Frida und Frida die Young Show im Friedrichstadtpalast
© Friedrichstadt-Palast

The new young show Frida & Frida will be thrilling audiences on the world's biggest stage from 21 November - 31 January with South American motifs and rousing compositions. A must for all young heroes and heroines aged 5 and over!

What is it all about? Frida is just the way she is and does what she wants. When she falls ill and has to spend a long time in hospital, she is mocked by her classmates. All alone in her hospital room, she brings a magical best friend to life in her imagination - and names her beast Frida too. The imaginary Frida is actually a version of herself, only free of restrictions and always cheerful.
Soon the boundaries between reality and daydreams become blurred in Frida's blossoming imagination. Together with the other young patients on the ward, the resilient Medi-Kids, Frida embarks on adventurous mental journeys. And with every step she takes, Frida discovers more of her hidden superpowers.

Frida & Frida is a fun-loving and visually impressive young show that deals with topics such as illness and worries in a child-friendly and sensitive way. Together with the 100 young artists on stage, our young guests in the auditorium experience that they can overcome challenges and that they have true superpowers: self-confidence, imagination, humour and confidence

The new production is inspired by Frida Kahlo's childhood, who suffered from polio as a young girl. But she didn't let this stop her and later became a world-famous Mexican icon. A tribute that Frida herself would have loved: all made up and yet with real references. And full of joie de vivre and unshakeable strength.

The Young Shows at the Palast set standards throughout Europe. Over 100 young talents aged between 6 and 18 are artistically involved in every performance. The young ensemble is the largest of its kind in Europe, consisting of around 240 children and teenagers from over 20 different nations.
Advance ticket sales are already open and special group rates are available for school classes and daycare groups.

Tickets from € 9.80