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Anzeige Arise


ARISE Grand Show

The ARISE Grand Show unleashes a storm of emotion that will also touch your heart with its powerful and magnificent images. Touching and stirring, filled with hope, happiness and joie de vivre.

Photographer Cameron's life is like his pictures: exciting and full of bright colours. Together with his beloved muse, he flies around the world. When he loses her, the loss tears his happiness to pieces. Again and again Cameron stares at the photos on his walls. An inexplicable attraction emanates from them and indeed his photographs come to life. Is his muse trying to tell him something else? 

Love is stronger than time, Cameron experiences this first-hand in ARISE. ARISE means to stand up, not to give up, to keep faith in the warming power of love. 

Fall in love with over 100 artists on the largest theatre stage in the world. Extravagant costumes, breathtaking stage sets and artistic feats will amaze you and put a happy smile on your face. 

ARISE . Grand Show . Grand Emotions .  

Also suitable for guests with no knowledge of German. Revue shows are not musicals. The inner coherence is based primarily on a pictorial, not a textual narrative. 

Tickets from 19,80 Euro  

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Planning a visit to the theatre?

As a theatre owned by the state of Berlin, the Palast therefore strives to ensure its guests’ safety and well-being in three different ways:

1.    A well-conceived safety concept helps to keep guests safe during their visit to the theatre. The state-of-the-art ventilation system, which was entirely refurbished in 2020, complements this concept by completing exchanging the air in the theatre hall with fresh air up to eight times per hour.

2.    In the event of a show cancellation, guests will automatically receive a refund within three weeks without having to do anything. The Palast does not take advantage of the legal permissible option of issuing vouchers.

3.    Guests are able to flexibly change all tickets purchased to another date or to exchange them for a voucher up to two hours before the performance begins without giving any reason.

This triple guarantee offered at the Palast for free is unique for a theatre worldwide.



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Monday         10 am - 6:30 pm

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Saturday        10 am - 7:30 pm

Sunday          10 am - 7:30 pm

Open daily from 10am to 6:30 pm.
Open on days with evening performance from 10 am -7: 30 pm.



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