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Grave of the singer Nico at the Grunewald-Forst cemetery Berlin
Grave of the singer Nico at the Grunewald-Forst cemetery Berlin © Jürgen Schuschke by wikimedia commons (CC-BY-SA 3.0)

Friedhof Grunewald-Forst

Here lies the famous german artist and Velvet Underground singer Nico

In the middle of Grunewald Berlin lies one of the most idyllic cemeteries in the city. Once unknown dead people were buried here under the fir trees, which is why the cemetery is also called "suicide cemetery" by many Berliners. The cemetery gate and cemetry wall are still from 1913, in 1920 the city took over. The cemetery, not far from the Schildhorn peninsula, is especially well known to admirers of the successful German singer, composer and actress Nico.

In memoriam Nico

Grab der Sängerin Nico und ihrer Mutter auf dem Friedhof Grunewald-Forst
© Axel Mauruszat by wikimedia commons

In grave number 82 singer Nico, with civil name Christa Päffgen, is buried next to her mother. At the age of 16, Christa, who was selling lingerie at KaDeWe at the time, was discovered by a photographer. Her career as a model and singer took her to the USA. In Chelsea Girls she stood in front of the camera for Andy Warhol and became an icon. The writer Clemens Laar and the painter Immanuel Meyer-Pyritz are also buried in the Grunewald-Forst cemetery.