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FREA-vegan restaurant Berlin
FREA-vegan restaurant Berlin © © FREA


Restaurant without waste

How do you manage to run a restaurant that produces no waste? This question drives the two founders David and Jasmin Suchy. With FREA in Berlin-Mitte, they provide the answer. And they show that sustainable food also tastes sustainably delicious.

"Full taste, zero waste" is the motto at the FREA restaurant on Torstraße. Vegan dishes are conjured up here from sustainable products that come exclusively from regional organic farmers. Homemade sourdough bread, homemade pasta with pumpkin and mushrooms and chocolate or hazelnut milk from their own production are on the menu.

FREA consistently uses regional, seasonal and vegan ingredients. The food is 100 % processed. This even applies to peelings and leftovers that can no longer be processed. The in-house composting machine "Gersi" turns them into soil substitute within 24 hours, which goes back to the farms. This saves ways and lays the foundation for the next harvest.