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International Film Festival Berlin
In front of the Berlinale Palace © KARSTEN THIELKER

Films from Berlin

Tips for your film evening

Films from and about Berlin - from silent movies to today. Discover the most exciting films for your visit to Berlin.
There is nothing better than watching a few films that are set in Berlin to get yourself in the right mood for your trip to Berlin.  We have compiled a small selection of films in and from Berlin - this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Berlin - Symphony of a Metropolis Germany (1927)

Always moving, never resting. No film has captured the essence of the metropolis as much as the abstract film Berlin - Symphony of a Metropolis. It portrays a day in the city. Trains, people on the way to the factory, trams - everything condensed into a fast-paced montage which is still unparalleled today. Absolutely worth seeing.

Menschen am Sonntag (1930)

This silent film portrays a normal Sunday in the Berlin of the 20s. In addition to the plot - two couples travel to the Wannsee - documentary shots convey a lively impression of Berlin at that time.  And the film is as fresh as if it were shot yesterday.

Paul and Paula (1973)

A tragic love story during the GDR era between awakening and adaptation. The romantic boat scene is set in Rummelburger Bay. Today you can sit here on the bench on the Paul and Paula promenade.

Christiane F. - We children from Bahnhof Zoo (1981)

Like hardly any other film, Christiane F. shaped the image of the city in West Germany of the 80s. The untimely story of the girl Christiane, sinking into drug abuse and prostituting herself at the Bahnhof Zoo, shocked viewers at the time and has still not lost its effect today.

Goodbye Lenin! (2003)  

The Wall has fallen, and yet the GDR continues to live - at least in the Kerner family home. A great film about a time when all certainties were turned upside down. Funny and touching at the same time, the film was not only a critics favourite, but also a great success with audiences.

Run Lola Run (1998)

Lola has to get money for her friend Manni in 20 minutes and so she runs through the city. In three complexly structured acts, the film tells its dizzying story about coincidence and destiny - and became a hit. The film of a whole generation.

Summer in Berlin (2005)

"That's life. - no really." A summer comedy full of gentle melancholy about the friendship of two women who spend the summer on the balcony and philosophise about life. This is Berlin. No really.

Oh Boy (2012)

The young Berliner Niko goes aimlessly through life without studying, without perspective, and in fact only in search of a cup of black coffee. Therefor the English title is "A Coffee in Berlin". The film is probably the best reflection of Berlin life in the early 2000s. Characters and milieu match here.

Victoria (2015)

Great cinema: a single night in Berlin - held in a single shot with no cuts. Fast, quick, and demonstrates the Zeitgeist. The film even impressed the American actor John Cusack so much that he preferred to talk with the journalists about Victoria than his own film at the Berlinale press conference.  

Alone in Berlin (2016)

The film based on Hans Fallada's novel: A married couple tries to resist national socialism after the death of their son. The star-studded film with Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson shows the Berlin of the 1930s.

Atomic Blonde (2017)

Shortly before the fall of the Wall, the MI6 agent tries to recover a list of agent names. The action film was shot in Berlin and Budapest, which is why the back courtyards are clearly not in the Berlin style. What film fans love is that in Kino International Stalker runs and Coming Out is announced. The film actually ran on the 9th November 1989 - the day the Wall fell.