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Fence exhibition: Forced Labor in Berlin 1938-1945

Who were the people who had to do forced labor in Berlin, where did they come from and under what conditions did they have to live and work? Who were the profiteers and who organized and administered the use of forced labor? What was the post-war fate of the survivors? What traces did the mass deployment of forced labor leave behind in the Berlin urban space and in the memory of the Berlin population?

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Zwangsarbeit in Berlin 1938–1945
© Dokumentationszentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit

These and other questions are explored in this exhibition, which was developed on the basis of regional research conducted by eleven regional museums and institutions in 2002. Until the opening of the permanent exhibition "Everyday Forced Labour 1938-1945" in 2013, it was on display in the former forced labour camp barracks in the Documentation Centre for Nazi Forced Labour.

The exhibition was newly produced for the fence exhibition and can be seen from today until further notice.