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City history Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Since 2012, the museum has been presenting its art-historical research as well as its urban and everyday history collection at Villa Oppenheim near Charlottenburg Castle. With the exhibition "WEST!", it presents a permanent exhibition on the history of the district united in 2001.

Georg Pahl: Blick durch den Lorbeerkranz der Viktoria auf der Siegessäule nach Westen, nach 1953 © akg-images / Willo Göpel
Georg Pahl: Blick durch den Lorbeerkranz der Viktoria auf der Siegessäule nach Westen, nach 1953 © akg-images / Willo Göpel © akg-images / Willo Göpel

The focus is on the special role of the two "beautiful sisters" Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf as the second city centre next to the historical centre of Berlin, as City West.

The exhibition tells the story of events and people who have left their mark on the district over a good three centuries. The exhibition is divided into four parts: Boulevard: Exhibits from the museum's own collection and a large number of loans from other Berlin museums invite visitors to take a chronological tour of the city's history. They are presented in six replicas of the famous Ku' damm showcase, some of which have never before been shown, and rare photographs were made into films that reflect the eventful history of Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf.

Currently three films are shown:"Charlottenburg & Wilmersdorf. A Chronology", "Destruction and reconstruction after 1945 "and" Executions, political murders and murderous politics ".

The programme will soon be supplemented by the film "Musenhöfe und Industriegebiete der Intelligenz" (Museiföfe und Industriegebiete der Intelligenz) Media station: On the basis of historical maps, which illustrate the development of the district over the last 300 years, an interactive media station offers extensive texts, biographies and visual material on hundreds of places, events and persons in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

Bezirkspantheon: Eleven prominent personalities from the fields of politics, culture, theatre, photography, education, social welfare and welfare are presented in the foyer of Villa Oppenheim.

(Program in German)
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