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Tour in cooperation with the Leistikowstraße Memorial and Meeting Place Potsdam

The end of the war in 1945 marked the beginning of almost five decades of Soviet use around Potsdam's New Garden. Many traces of this time can still be discovered today and are the focus of the guided tour.

Schloss Cecilienhof, Ehrenhof mit rotem Stern
Schloss Cecilienhof, Ehrenhof mit rotem Stern © SPSG / André Stiebitz

The tour begins at Cecilienhof Palace - the historic site of the Potsdam Conference. Even today, the red star made of flowers in the cour d'honneur is a reminder of the important Allied meeting. Through the former amusement park for Soviet military personnel, the path leads to the site of the former secret service town "Military Town No. 7". In the "forbidden city", in addition to the headquarters of the Soviet military counterintelligence, relics of a large memorial complex and Cyrillic tree carvings, among other things, can be seen. They testify to the everyday life of the intelligence officers and KGB guards stationed here.

The tour ends in the courtyard of the former counterintelligence remand prison on Leistikov Street. The secret service held numerous Soviet and German citizens there until 1991.

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Schloss Cecilienhof