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If you've ever set foot on the grounds of the largely abandoned site of the Beelitz Sanatorium, you're familiar with its eerie charm. The buildings have been left to crumble slowly while the rambling old forested gardens take visitors back through the ups and downs of the 20th century. l

Ausflug in die Geschichte der Beelitzer Heilstätten
Ausflug in die Geschichte der Beelitzer Heilstätten © Baum&Zeit

Nature, history, and architecture have begun to meld together in this spot into what some might call a masterpiece. High in the treetops In September 2015, the first treetop path in Brandenburg was opened on the grounds of this former sanatorium for women with tuberculosis. The path runs along the top of the forest some 23 metres in the air for more than 300 metres past the ruins of the sanatorium pavilion, now overgrown. Climb the 36 metre high observation tower to enjoy impressive panoramic views of the landscape.
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