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Traditional festival with flower magic, live music and children's programme

Späth'schen Baumschulen invites you to the traditional festival with green market on September 23 and 24. The special show "Spring in September" will feature perennials and woody plants that bloom colorfully at this time of year. Kai Wegner, governing mayor of Berlin, will ceremoniously open the traditional festival and plant a Späth alder on the historic grounds.

Garden market with exhibitors from all over Germany

Around 120 exhibitors offer gardening ideas, fine handicrafts and beautiful plants for garden, terrace and balcony.  The historic grounds are filled with the magic of blossoms in autumn.A large stage program with live music ensures an upbeat mood. In addition, there are vintner wines, culinary specialties and countless specialties for home and yard, garden and kitchen.

Plant compositions and "Herbs - under the roof!

In themed gardens, Späth'schen Baumschulen present site-appropriate plant compositions for sun beds and shade beds, for bee pastures, cottage gardens and flowering hedges. Tall grasses are in full bloom. Display boards provide information and tips on planting and caring for gardens in times of climate change.

For harvesting fresh herbs even in winter, the herb garden introduces visitors to the realm of herbs, which can be harvested year-round, with a show entitled "Herbs - Off Under the Roof!" On the festival meadow, pumpkins in all shapes and colors inspire.

Fruit variety identification and botanical rarities

In the historic packing hall, fruit growers from Thuringia invite visitors to apple tasting, advice and sales. Pomologist Dr. Hilmar Schwärzel, also known as the 'apple pope', offers free fruit variety identification. Visitors can bring fruit and leaves for this purpose. In wood pruning demonstrations, gardeners from Späth'schen Baumschulen will show plant pruning and the upbringing of fruit trees in the program with detailed explanations.

Horticultural companies from the region and all over Germany have botanical rarities, flowering perennials and rare climbing plants in their luggage - plus the full range of fruit plants from A for apple to Z for lemon.

Children's program in the house made of trees

Monbijou Theater and storyteller Ellen Luckas perform in the house made of trees. A large craft tent and fishing at the carp pond are further highlights for children. Theo Theodor, the rhyming narrator, in the guise of company founder Christoph Späth, will share anecdotes from the company's more than 300-year history.

Start of the golden late summer season

The Späth'schen Baumschulen invite with the traditional festival to a colorful gardener's weekend with a walk and high political prominence - to the prelude of the best planting season of the year and a golden late summer season.
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