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Pottery market: Fine in ceramic, noble in porcelain

At the pottery art market in the Späth'schen Baumschulen, unique pieces of jewelry from regional and national ceramic workshops can be discovered. Large floor vases and artistic garden sculptures can be found alongside individual everyday objects, unusual tableware, imaginative vessels, stone art, jewelry, handmade tiles and special collectors' items. Pottery workshops and porcelain manufactories from all over Germany invite visitors to delightful surprises.

Pottery art and beautiful plants, live music and anecdotes

The Späth'schen Nurseries present the pottery market in a Mediterranean ambience, under palm trees and in the midst of a blooming plant world. Around the farm store fountain the dahlias of the large dahlia show with about 100 varieties shine. Live music creates an upbeat atmosphere. Pottery demonstrations on the potter's wheel show how the art of pottery is created.

The herb garden at Späth'schen Baumschulen is also all about a summer garden and herb world, with gardening pots with history, lava stones on which miniature landscapes grow, and special garden decoration ideas. Culinary specialties are offered by Späthi's beer garden, Späth's - the inn and the farm store. Also open is the wine garden with vintner's bar.

Theo Theodor, the rhyme speaker, walks as company founder Christoph Späth, walks through the grounds and shares anecdotes from the more than 300-year history of Späth's Nurseries.

Admission: 5 euros (children up to 16 years free)

with live music both days

Guests receive a 10 percent discount on all plants from Späth'schen Nurseries with their admission.

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