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Beyond The World Tour 2023

They can't wait to finally get back on stage and celebrate with the fans. For months the band has been working on the show and fine-tuning the setlist - because besides the songs of the last decade and a half they also want to perform a lot of new songs from their upcoming album.

TOKIO HOTEL - Melancholic Paradise World Tour 2019
TOKIO HOTEL - Melancholic Paradise World Tour 2019 © Promo Ticketing Eventim


Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg never gave up their basic principles of very personal songwriting and openness for new sound experiences and never took the easy way. Instead, they take risks to pursue an unprecedented career. Not only in music, but also on a visual level, Tokio Hotel dare to cross borders and be an exception.

The quartet has become internationally known for extraordinary live productions and visual masterpieces that create canvases for their fascinating soundscapes. Especially Bill is the creative force behind the eye-catching costumes, breathtaking stage sets and wacky light shows, always surprising and always courageous.

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