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PANDAjazz Kulturbrauerei

Spiro is an organic system that grows with every breath. Slowly it morphs into a complex structure, hectic single-celled organisms form, evolution breaks out. Water and air are created. Molecules combine and create life. Plants, animals in water and air. Fruit grows, falls from trees and begins to ferment. Shy creatures feed on the unknown-smelling fruits, sniff, taste and feast on the power that these spirits exude. An orgy of joy of life, desire and creativity is celebrated until at the end everyone goes to sleep, exhausted and happy, arm in arm.

So that we can live again the next day. That's why Spiro.
Dum spiro spero
Dum spero amo
Dum avo vivo

  • Henrik Walsdorff – alto sax
    Ben Lehmann – double bass
    Jan Leipnitz – drums
    Allan Praskin – alto sax
Tickets: 10€ (online/doors)

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