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One comes from a Prussian officer family, the other is the child of a circus acrobat and a street singer. One grows up in boarding school in Weimar, the other in a brothel in Normandy. The one changes her men like her wardrobe, the other always dreams of the great love.

Renaissance Theater
Renaissance Theater © visitberlin, Foto: SSw

The one dies at 91, is the biggest star Germany has ever produced. The other becomes 47 when she dies, France falls into mourning, 40 000 people follow her coffin. Edith Piaf, the "Sparrow of Paris" and Marlene Dietrich, the "Blue Angel", meet in 1948 in New York. From now on, both divas share an intense friendship that is largely ignored by the public.

From the first meeting to Piaf's premature death and Marlene's retreat to her Parisian apartment, SPATZ UND ANGEL combines the story of these two world stars with their unforgettable songs, including: "La vie en rose", "Do not ask why I'm leaving" "Milord", "Tell me where the flowers are" or "Non, je ne regrette rien".

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Participating artists
Daniel Große Boymann (Autor/in)
Thomas Kahry (Autor/in)
Anika Mauer (mit)
Vasiliki Roussi (mit)
Ralph Morgenstern (mit)
Torsten Fischer (Regie)
Herbert Schäfer (Ausstattung)
Vasilis Triantafillopoulos (Ausstattung)
Harry Ermer (Musikalische Leitung)
Daniel Große Boymann und Thomas Kahry nach einer Idee von David Winterberg (von)
Eugen Schwabauer
Renaissance-Theater Berlin
Renaissance-Theater Berlin
Renaissance-Theater Berlin
Renaissance-Theater Berlin