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Citadel Music Festival

Of course Simply Red have their best hits with them on their current tour, including Stars, Holding Back The Years, Fairground or Money's Too Thight To Mention.

Citadel Music Festival
Citadel Music Festival © Citadel Music Festival, Foto: Thomas Spindler

Simply Red

"The tour is one groove," Mick Hucknall said of the new tour.

Their special blend of soul and pop, elegant as well as sensitive ballads delivers an emotional soundtrack of their time. With over 100 single and album chart successes, they have reached a combined circulation of more than 60 million. Dozens of gold and platinum awards accompany their amazing career. In over 1,600 concerts, 13 million fans cheered musically brilliant performances.

Again and again Simply Red succeeds in the perfect fusion of soul and pop, playing their studio sound authentically on stage as well. The songs "Holding Back The Years", "The Right Thing", "A New Flame", "Stars" or "You've Got It" are highlights of a truly extraordinary career.

Their debut album "Picture Book" and the single "Money's Too Tight (To Mention)" brought the breakthrough in 1985. The million-seller "Men And Women" (1987) and the global hits "A New Flame" (1989) and "Stars" (1991) provided a fitting balance between musical genres. Even when Simply Red delivered references to modern dance music with the global No. 1 hit "Fairground" and the album "Life" in 1995, they remained true to their distinctive sound.

The albums "Blue" (1998), "Love In The Russian Winter" (1999), "Home" (2003) and "Simplified" (2005) continued the tradition of the previous CDs. up to the tenth studio album "Stay" (2007).

Mick Hucknall proves his special feeling for soul classics and his unique vocal quality again and again.

Berlin can rejoice!

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