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The barbarian treasure of Neupotz

In the bacchial hall of the Neues Museum, the Xanten boy, a Roman bronze statue, was discovered in the Rhine in Xanten by fishermen in 1858.

Schätze aus dem Rhein. Der Barbarenschatz von Neupotz
Schätze aus dem Rhein. Der Barbarenschatz von Neupotz © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte / Claudia Klein

Now the bronze boy is gaining en masse: iron implements and wagon parts, toes and footcuffs, bronze kettle and silverware. The "barbarian treasures of Neupotz", immersed in the Rhine in the 3rd century AD - will enrich the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Prehistory and Early History in the Rhine. The objects once sunk in the floods of the Rhine are mostly derived Roman private houses. It is about simple kitchen and cookware, but also valuable tableware for the application of food and drinks and for mixing wine. Many pieces show signs of intense use: wear, repairs, patches. The objects lead us very close to the people who worked with it, to their everyday life. Thus also the Roman tools of iron - like axes, tongs and hooks - whose forms still seem familiar to us today. They have not changed much over the centuries. Pallets and the heavy iron fittings Roman trucks give an insight into the high state of the ancient technique. Ankle cuffs recall the less advanced features of Roman society. On the other hand, some of the pieces on the walls of the bacchial hall, with its pompean wall paintings, show a cross section of the Neupotzer metal masses in two high and two table vitrines. They provide an overview of the extensive discovery. The Xanten boy, who has been set up in the Bacchus Hall since the reopening of the Neues Museum, remains on the scene. He, too, had been lost in the Rhine, already in the first century AD In the dwelling of a noble Roman, he presented his guests as "dumb servants" once food and drink on a tray. Also for his loss in the Rhine will cause unrest Responsible. So they fit together well - the Xanten boy and the treasure trove of Neupotz: the treasures from the Rhine.

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