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Musikalische Theater-Performance von und mit Meo Wulf

Is drag misogynistic? Can I make children lesbian? Where are my shoes?

Sally is preparing for her drag reading for “six-year-olds and up” and wants to do everything right. She lives alone and should actually clean up, but just doesn't have the time for it. She has just finished putting on makeup when she realizes that she is a very good person in a very bad city. Thoughts about sexuality and art keep her from preparing, even though she actually wanted to practice reading out loud.

This entertaining and shrill theater performance by and with bird of paradise Meo Wulf accompanies a drag queen to the brink of despair. Everyone rides quickly and merrily through the Red Salon together with music and lipsyncs until all the suitcases are packed and every fingernail has been glued on.

Meo Wulf is a fascinating drag artist from Hamburg, Vienna and Berlin who captivates the audience with her cheeky performances. Enjoy the drag.

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