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Flamenco fusión

The guitar virtuoso and singer Rubin de la Ana from Jerez de la Frontera is a guest in the Trinitatiskirche. The first audio CD Flamenco fusión will be presented.

Wochenmarkt auf dem Karl August Platz vor der Trinitatiskirche
Wochenmarkt auf dem Karl August Platz vor der Trinitatiskirche AHOJ!

With Flamenco fusión, Rubin de la Ana highlights the value of the solo guitar as an instrument and fuses traditional flamenco sounds and chants with the timbres of violin, cello, saxophone and bass.

Flamenco fusión

Concerto for flamenco guitar, vocals, saxophone, cello, violin & bass

  • Rubin de la Ana: flamenco guitar, vocals
  • Friedemann Graef: saxophone
  • Chiharu Bley: cello
  • Ricarda S. Bormann: violin
  • Tom Auffarth: bass, percussion
  • La Mona: dance
Additional information
Admission 23 euros I box office & admission 6 pm I

Advance booking I Reduction for pensioners, students: 20 Euro                                                                      

Advance booking I Reservations:

Phone 030 - 31506337 I Mobile 0151 15119797

Weekly market Karl-August-Platz: Buchtel-, Reibekuchen market stall, Krummestraße

Wednesday & Saturday from 8 to 14 o'clock