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For the transitional period until the opening of the new permanent exhibition, from November 2022 until probably mid-2025, the exhibition "Roads not Taken. Another German History" will be on display. The exhibition uses key objects to present an overview of German history in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin - Pei Bau Außenansicht
Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin - Pei Bau Außenansicht © DHM, Foto: Thomas Bruns

The title "Roads not Taken" is to be understood programmatically: Starting from concrete dates in German history, actual historical events are presented against the backdrop of possible other courses of history that were also laid out in decisive, often dramatic turning points.

Linked to this unusual approach are questions about long-term formative structures, but also about the significance of individual personalities or the role of chance in history. Fundamental to the idea of the exhibition is the goal of seeing the familiar in a new light and sharpening the view of the fundamental openness of history.

Under the project management of Fritz Backhaus, the exhibition is curated by Julia Franke, Stefan Paul-Jacobs and Dr. Lili Reyels.

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