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Hallo U8! Eine multimediale Musik-Hommage an die Linie U8

The name of the Ramal Ensemble's concert program "Hello U8!" refers to the subway line 8 in Berlin, which connects the Sonnenallee "Arab Street" neighborhood with other parts of Berlin, thus bridging cultural worlds in more ways than one. Just as the U8 connects West and East Berlin, the music connects Western and Eastern sounds.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Ramal Ensemble
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  • Ramal Ensemble with harpist Laurin Oppermann and flutist Aliya Vodovozova.

The concert will last the travel time of the U8 line and will be accompanied by a video showing the route of the U8.

The Ramal Ensemble, is a group of Syrian musicians founded in 2011 in Damascus. It creates an interaction between traditional oriental music and western classical music. Between 2014 and 2015, the ensemble members fled the civil war in their native Syria and came to Germany.

Traditional & Contemporary Music

The Ramal Ensemble juxtaposes authentic performances as in traditional Arabic music and the structure of Western classical compositions, combining traditional Middle Eastern music with contemporary modern music.

It also presents its own works, in which the four musicians virtuously combine stylistic elements of European classical music with traditional Syrian Oriental musical forms. This virtuosity gives the music a new authenticity and a lively expression.

Musical dialogues in Berlin

Ramal is a project of Barzakh gGmbH
In cooperation with the Pierre Boulez Saal

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Educational Services
Participating artists
Ramal Ensemble (Ensemble)
Elias Aboud (Perkussion)
Saleh Katbeh (Oud)
Basilius Alawad (Violoncello)
Yazan Alsabbagh (Klarinette)
Laurin Oppermann (Harfe)
Yamila Pedrosa Ahmed (Kontrabass)
Konzerthaus Berlin - Werner-Otto-Saal