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by Platon

The famous text of the philosopher Plato about the last day in the life of Socrates. Socrates is to be executed in the evening - and philosophizes with his friends. About the justification of the fear of death and what to think of the possibilities of being even after death.

Anselm Lipgens and Uwe Neumann act in an extremely excited and attacking manner. No consecrated speaking. This would also not correspond to the historical Plato. They play Socrates, play his friends, his wife, a slave and the official who hands Socrates the poisoned cup and weeps over it. A battle of thought. But also an evening about the joke in Plato. This work is quite comprehensible, exciting and enjoyable even for any non-philosopher. Thinking is made tangible in an almost erotic way.

With Anselm Lipgens, Uwe Neumann

Direction and set: Michael Aichhorn / Idea and text design: Hagnot Elischka (after the transmission by Friedrich Schleiermacher)

(Program in German)

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