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n the "Golden Twenties" Otto Reutter sang of everyday stories, of small evils and big stupidities

At the end of the 19th century, Friedrich Otto August Pfützenreuter left his office chair in Gardelegen in the Altmark in order to conquer the boards of this world. With a head full of rhymes and the longing for great tragedies, he reached Berlin by detours where the heart of the world seemed to beat.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Otto Reutter. Und so komm'n wir aus der Freude gar nicht raus
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In the first decades of the new century, in the city bursting of a jumble full of parade steps, marching music, war cries, the gray episodes and the "golden twenties", Otto Reutter - with tt - stood on stage with big round eyes smiling and knew what moved his audience, because it also moved him. The police used the red pencil on "suspicious" punch lines and sat with pointed ears in the auditorium. And Reutter - he coughed! He coughed the canceled bars! And the whole hall coughed with the clock. The Berlin coughed something for their censor! And Reutter smiled innocently: "I had to cough, cough, Wat de must, must!"

He sang of everyday stories, of small evils and big stupidities, he sang above all the people from the heart. They loved him for it and for his courage to gallows humor.

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