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Tragedy with Music

A stranger in the midst of society, successful in what he does, respected and respected. And yet he remains the stranger, always in danger of being attacked, the target of prejudice and racist resentment. Shakespeare could hardly be more contemporary.

These are theaters of war where Shakespeare has his characters clash: politics, marriage, the bed. And in the end it is not only the soldiers Othello, Iago and Cassio who are left wounded or killed on the battlefield, but also the civilians: Desdemona, Rodrigo and Emilia, Jago's own wife. Victims of Othello's bloodlust, collateral damage of a man under a delusion.

Shocked and stunned, everyone watches. How could it have come to this? Othello - a milestone of theater literature and one of Shakespeare's smartest plays - is a delightful undertaking.

A gripping thriller, strong characters in the inevitable maelstrom of human catastrophe, driven by love and envy, hatred and jealousy.
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Participating artists
Raimund Klaes (Licht&Technik)
Gabriele Kortmann (Kostüme)
Martin Molitor (Übersetzung)
Nico Selbach (Regisseur)
Birgit Stössel (Bühne)
Katja Uhlig
Michael Günther
Thilo Herrmann
Oliver Rickenbacher
Philipp Manuel Bodner
Katharina Kwaschik