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awarded with the German Musical Theater Prize 2022

With this piece, the BKA celebrates the rebirth of the "Berlin operetta," a genre that played with role models in the 1920s, celebrated diversity as well as emancipation, and thus helped shape the image of Berlin in the world.

POSTER Operette für zwei schwule Tenöre
POSTER Operette für zwei schwule Tenöre © Huy Do

One hundred years later, Johannes Kram and Florian Ludewig's "Operetta for Two Gay Tenors" continues this tradition and sets an accent as the world's first operetta with a queer main plot.

Without any warning, Jan has broken up with Tobi and moved from the village to Berlin to live it up. Tobi no longer understands the world, the two had everything: A cottage in the country with a garden idyll, homemade jam and friendly greeting neighbors. But what means a perfect world for one is a horror for the other. A stirring, modern, uproariously funny, but always touching story about gay life between country idyll and big city scene takes its course.

At the center of the play are 16 "Schmacht" waltzes and operetta hits composed by Florian Ludewig in the style of the "golden operetta", such as "Champagner von Aldi", "Mein Fetisch ist die Operette", "Wann fahr'n wir wieder zu Ikea?" and "Gern hätte ich die Frau'n geküsst".

The "Operetta for Two Gay Tenors" is neither a parody nor a retro-imitation of the genre, but rather a piece that fills the musical and stylistic world of operetta with contemporary images and themes.

Johannes Kram (text) and Florian Ludewig (music)

German Musical Theater Award 2022 for the best song lyrics. Johannes Kram was awarded the German Musical Theater Prize for the best song lyrics for the songs in the "Operetta for Two Gay Tenors" by the German Musical Academy on October 10, 2022.

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