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The NSU trial is one of the most complex trials in recent German history. The NSU's sad record: bombings, robberies, murders - including nine people of Turkish, Kurdish and Greek origin.

The years-long trial into the series of murders by the right-wing extremist terrorist cell has been legally concluded, but it still gives the impression that, despite intensive investigation, much is incomplete.

The trial reveals frightening insights into the failure of the authorities. For years, victims with a migrant background were accused of being involved in the crimes. At the same time, almost all officials involved in the matter ruled out a right-wing extremist background for the perpetrators.

What would have happened if the victims had had German names and the perpetrators had had non-German names?

The reason for bringing a piece like this to the stage is to not let anything be forgotten.

The piece is intended to bring to mind what is still latently present: the radical terror from the right. The ensemble presents the facts and reality in order to wake you up. This piece aims to be a wake-up call that these cruel acts continue to exist underground. It is bitter, sometimes ridiculous and reaches the dimension of the grotesque.

Author: Tuğsal Moğul
Directors: Mustafa Avkıran & Övül Avkıran
Dramaturgy: Saliha Kerkhoff

Project: Intercultural Active e.V.

With: Freya Kreutzkam, Lukas David Schmidt, Jonas Broxtermann
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