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A DT Jung* Production

Oh God, holy shit: the parable of the ring. A blended family at the time of the religious crusades in the melting pot that is Jerusalem. Wise Jewish merchant Nathan discovers that his house has been burnt down and his stepdaughter Recha has barely escaped death.

During the search for Recha’s saviour – and amid power struggles plotted by various religious groups – Lessing has Nathan tell the parable of the ring as an allegory on tolerance and humanity which demonstrates through metaphor how schisms that seemed deeply entrenched can quickly be resolved. What a magnificently utopian idea …

After her 2020 production of Schiller’s The Robbers , Joanna Praml now stages Lessing’s last play at Junges DT and explores connections between his dramatic poem and the lives of the young people in the ensemble.
What do you believe in more: God or money? Who do you pray to when you are in danger? How can we stop defining ourselves through difference and damn well celebrate social diversity at long last? And is enlightened reason really the answer to all problems?

  • (Program in German)

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Additional information
based on Gotthold Ephraim Lessing in a transcription by Joanna Praml and Dorle TrachternachRegie: Joanna Praml
Participating artists
Joanna Praml (Regie)
Joanna Praml (Text)
Dorle Trachternach (Text)
Inga Timm (Bühne und Kostüme)
Hajo Wiesemann (Musik)
Raissa Mehner (Musikalische Mitarbeit)
Tobias Schütte (Musikalische Mitarbeit)
Dorle Trachternach (Dramaturgie)
Maura Meyer (Dramaturgie)
Marco Scherle (Licht)
Susann Ali-Saleha
Stella Gröszer
Diane Kimbonen
Dennis Kramp
Kareem Musa
Lilian Musch
Julien Neisius
Mariella Pierza
Álvaro Jose Sanchez Rosero
Levin Tosun
Mathilda Tzitzi
Johnny Zimmermann