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What is colonial about today’s photography? How does a cedar tree end up in a museum? Why were there residential boarding schools? And how can children and young people access these complex topics in the museum?

Workshop in der Akademie des Humboldt Forums
Workshop in der Akademie des Humboldt Forums © Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss, Foto: Frank Sperling

The advanced training offers insights into selected exhibitions, their topics and the approaches of the mediation program.

Together, methods and materials of a power-critical mediation work will be tested, which make these topics tangible for children and young people. Always in view: The connection to practice in the school classroom and many suggestions to take home.

This advanced training course is certifiable by the Berlin Senate. Registration is only possible for teachers from Berlin under the following link:

Fortbildung Berlin: Training number: 22.2-110058

- Free admission
- Please book your ticket at the link below.
- Duration: 180 min
- Language: German
-  First Floor
- Group Size: max. 15 persons

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