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There are now more satirical retrospectives than there are headlines for the year. As soon as December comes around, anyone who finds Advent too dull can have the past eleven months humorized so massively that by New Year's Eve they'll be convinced they've lived in the drollest year since Otto the Great.

So why go to "Nachgetrettert!" of all things? The answer could not be simpler: Because Mathias Tretter combines years of experience in the retrospective business with sky-scraping wit and a unique hairstyle. After all, you want to have something to look at. The brain- and bottomlessness of the past annum was muddled enough; so it's nice to see someone who has his quiff under control. At least that's what Tretter himself says when asked what distinguishes him from others: "The hair and the jokes."

Fans of political cabaret should not miss the opportunity to get the highlights of the year satirically prepared. Everything worth knowing, lightly packaged, wickedly funny, precisely researched, sharp-tongued, funny, highly intelligent: Mathias Tretter.

(Program in German)

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