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"Actually, everything was against this location." Georg von Siemens

This tour, in a shortened version, was an official contribution of Spandau on the anniversary of the celebration of "100 years of Greater Berlin" on October 1st, 2020.

Mann mit Hut Touren - Die schöne Wohnarchitektur der Siemensstadt von Hans Hertlein im Abendlicht.
Mann mit Hut Touren - Die schöne Wohnarchitektur der Siemensstadt von Hans Hertlein im Abendlicht. © Foto:


November 1897. The first entry in the land register. Two years later, the heart of the new industrial plants began to strike. But why here?

This tour will be held in German language.
Individual English language tours can be arranged for groups.

A completely undeveloped area with forest, sand soil or swamp.

From the beginning a difficult building ground. And: the neighbouring city of Charlottenburg wanted to prevent the settlement by all means. Why?

Only two architects shaped the appearance for decades. One of them developed the master plan and yet is almost forgotten.

The other created the typical "Siemens style" of architecture. Or rather: two styles. One, ultra-modern, for the industrial buildings and the other, with lots of green, for the residential & leisure buildings. Completely different.

This guided tour is part of the "Route of Industrial Culture Berlin" and the only tour specifically for the Siemensstadt.

Industrial culture meets residential construction. Building monument next to traffic monument next to garden monument next to industrial monument.

A model city for the interplay of work - living - leisure.

As always in my guided tours, both historical and social aspects are being addressed.
Not dry, boring and packed with numbers, but relaxed, entertaining and interesting for everyone.

Additional information
Please note that this tour will be held in German language!
Group tours in English language can be arranged.

You can find a detailed description of the tour here:

Duration: Just over 2.5 hours.
Price: € 15,- per participant.
Unfortunately, no reductions are possible.

Pay just before the tour starts in cash (have the right amount ready, if possible), with card or modern with a smartwatch or mobile phone ;-)

A registration is necessary at the moment, kindly see the tour description (in German): current Berlin hygiene regulations applyDetailed information can be found in the German tour description.Organizer:

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