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Line 1
Musical revue by Volker Ludwig with music by Birger Heymann and the band "No Ticket"

Linie 1
Linie 1 © David Baltzer |

A young girl runs away from her provincial hometown, and ends up at Bahnhof Zoo at 6.14 a.m., searching for her Prince Charming, a rock musician from Berlin.
She gets stuck in the underground line 1, known as the Orient Express to Kreuzberg. She encounters a kaleidoscope of urban characters and their fates.

Her naivety acts as a catalyst provoking contacts, actions and reactions, which otherwise would not take place. It’s a show, a drama, a musical about living and surviving in a large city, hope and adaptation, courage and self-deceit, to laugh and cry at, to dream, and to think about oneself.

(Program in German)

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Additional information
Participating artists
Volker Ludwig (von)
Birger Heymann (Musik)
Rockband NO TICKET (Musik)
Wolfgang Kolneder (Regie)
Neva Howard (Choreografie)
Mathias Fischer-Dieskau (Bühne)
Yoshio Yabara (Kostüme)
Matthias Witting (Musikalische Leitung)
Petra Zieser (Leitung der Umbesetzungsproben)
Michaela Hanser (Leitung der Umbesetzungsproben)
Ludwig Brix (Junge im Mantel, arbeitsloser Jugendlicher, Kunde, Skin, Referent Zielinski u.a.)
Ester Daniel (Lady, Mutter, Sozialdemokratin, Beziehungspartnerin)
Ariane Fischer (Lumpi, Bisi, Chantal, Sängerin u.a.)
Christian Giese (Schlucki, Vater, verwirrter Mann, Witwe Martha u.a.:)
Marcel Herrnsdorf (Bambi, verklemmter Mann, Witwe Kriemhild u.a.)
Marius Lamprecht (Mondo, Witwe Lotti, Johnnie u.a.)
Dietrich Lehmann (Mücke, Hermann, Witwe Agathe, Beziehungspartner u.a.)
Laura Leyh (Lola, Alte Frau, Bouletten-Trude, Angestellte u.a.)
Jens Mondalski (Erich, Kleister, Kind, Kontrolleur, Sänger, Angesteller, Leichi u.a.)
Helena Charlotte Sigal (Risi, Maria, Reiseführerin u.a.)
Alina Strähler (das Mädchen Nathalie)
Michael Brandt (guit.)
Thomas Keller (sax.)
Axel Kottmann (bass)
George Kranz (dms.)
Matthias Witting (keyb., synt.)
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Grips Theater
Grips Theater
Grips Theater