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The notion that “music may be called the sister of painting” has often been attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. Michele Pasotti and his ensemble La fonte musica, who are among the leading performers of Italian trecento music and have been heard at the Pierre Boulez Saal twice in the past, take this idea as the starting point for a fascinating exploration of the “realistic revolution” in early-Renaissance art.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: LA FONTE MUSICA & MICHELE PASOTTI
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Following their concert in March 2022, which revealed surprising parallels between the visual and musical achievements of that era in secular works of ars nova, this second program focuses on sacred music by composers such as Johannes Cicona and Marchetto da Padova.

- The Colors of Ars Nova: Vocal and Instrumental Works by Marchetto da Padova, Johannes Cicona, Matteo da Perugia, Antonio Zacara da Teramo, and others

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